Hey everyone! We've been M.I.A for roughly 10 days and we're sorry about this! We encountered many challenges when implementing the new features we had planned for this next update... Anyway, the v2 is here! Let's get to it right away: What's new in almanook.v2 ? Homepage: - Users are now able to see the currently available bugs and fish in their local time. - When logged in, the user will also be able to keep track of the bugs/fish he or she caught already (given that they're already added to their critterpedia, we'll get to that a bit later in this post ) - The homepage now shows if today is an islander's birthday as well as the next or current event taking place in game. Items and Museum: Adding items and variants, quantity and custom price: - The database part of the site now shows the color variations of the items. - The user can now add the variation that is being shown to his/her catalogs by clicking on the [+] button on t